Advancement through Technologies

We have believed that technologies would change the world. These days, we have seen how traditional’ giants’ are ‘disturbed’ – or even ‘give- up’ – to some technology-oriented ‘newbies’. We are one of those newbies and we always think how to participate in making better world with where our passions are: technologies.

First class
or nothing

We never claim that our products are ‘the best’ or even ‘first class’ to our clients. However, when we create products, we always put all of our thoughts, hearts, and passions into them. That’s what we feel as ‘first class’.

Constant and never ending improvements

God gives us 2 ears and 1 mouth, because we should listen at least twice more than we talk. We let our clients – even competitors – to talk and to comment about us, about our products. We let others to judge us and to tell us what is not perfect yet. We are very grateful. And we thank them by going back to drawing boards and by improving whatever we already have.



The most interesting factors of technology are due to these self-augmenting long-term trends. Therefore, we feel that playing with technologies is both fun - as well as - challenging to bring many good things in life to us, to our clients, and to society.


We are satisfied only if you are. We keep working on the best solutions inside, while satisfying you - our customers - outside. In other words, you tell us how your best solutions want to be ‘served’. And we will keep adapting until you are satisfied.


When we build or creates solutions, we want ‘the best-out-of-ourselves” in every detail. You ask for the best solution? Sure. But we will serve them on a ‘golden plates’ as well. That’s passion and commitment.


We are in partnership with a world-class reward management company running premier loyalty programs worldwide. So your transaction will earn points can be redeemed to some of the best brands: Samsung, LGs, traveling, etc.


As a member of suite of communities, you are entitled to participate in several open events held by our clients. Enjoy many inspiring events and expand your business with more networks from different communities.


Some people call us “out-of-the-box think tanks”, “renegades of regulations”, or “outlaws of regularities”. Whatever you describe about how we think and search for solutions, we care only the best end-results for you – not how to get there.


When you use our problem-solving products, we are actually “bound” for life. Not only that you get our prime 24/7 real time supports, but also continuous updates of products - for as long as you feel that our products are the ones for you.


We understand that the most attractive aspects of technologies is problem solving. Therefore, we listen - at least twice as much as our customers talk - to understand their needs before we even start brainstorming for the best possible solutions.

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We are Saebo

PT. Saebo Technology (referred as SAEBO) is a software development company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company is known for its innovations in various ‘build-to-order” or “configure-to-order” applications and programs used by a State’s company, law-enforcement agency, the nation’s largest youth organization, one of the nation’s largest international school, etc.

In 2008, the founder of Saebo - Sonny Kastara Dhaniswara – had a dream of creating complete cashless and cardless banking systems to execute worldwide financial transactions in real-time 7-days a week 24 hours.

The idea was first demonstrated when he leading a direct-selling company to distribute real-time bonuses to its distributor which was then recorded in the Indonesia’s Record Museum as “the fastest bonus in a direct selling industry”.

In December 2011, Sonny upgraded the systems to be able to transfer funds – in real time 24/7 – without knowing recipients’ bank accounts, but by using their registered cellphone numbers, e-mail addresses, and/ or other unique codes. We call it “Saebo C@shless”.

In 2012, during a signing ceremony with clients, one of them said that the Saebo C@shless would be nothing and useless without their applications. To Sonny, these words become an inspiration to create unique and beneficial applications to all walks of life.

Today, SAEBO has created a suite of applications in addition to its “Saebo C@shless” that is fun, beneficial, and rewarding to its clients and society. The suite becomes even better when Meridian Enterprises, Inc. joins Saebo in to add more values with rewarding points in real-time 24/7. Worldwide.

Our Focus

Encrypted Technology
Android and IOS Development
Desktop Development
Server Security
API Development
PHP Development
WEB Development
  • What is the definition of 'good' apps? In Saebo, the measure of our products are determined by how many people enjoy their benefits. For now, these are some of those institutions we have mutual benefits with and those we are honored to work with :

  • Why create products if we cannot let our users be proud of them? In Saebo we focus not only to create apps that is fun, easy to use, and beneficial to our clients, but more importantly, we want our products to give pride to the whole ecosystems.

    As our philosophy of “constant-and-never-ending improvements” we have been preparing dozens of benefits that will be surely become other MURI certifications. The next MURI: August 19, 2018 (in fact, 2 of them. At least).

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